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Companions Of Jesus Journeying With Others Towards Building A Just And Humane Society


Rooted in compassion, social justice, reconciliation and service, with people of goodwill to transform relationships and structures in society.

IRHM : Inter-Religious Harmony Movement

IRHM was an initiation by Fr. Ronnie Prabhu of the Jesuit congregation in 1973. The movement was brought forth to foster an understanding  of different religions and to create a sense of brother hood beyond religious barriers. 

Our vision of IRHM is to spread the communal harmony within our society and to remove extreme religious fanaticism through education, discussion and regular prayer meetings involving all religions.

We organise retreats, live-in programs for deeper sharing and spiritual experiences. Our movement is unique as we invite our fellow brothers and sisters of all religions to discuss and share ideas. We also pray and meditate and reflect together on scriptures. We foster to love each other in brotherhood irrespective of our differences.

You are welcome to join our group regardless of your religious faith. Your only requirement to join us; is to commit to communal harmony. We organise our meetings on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month . Get in touch with us to know further.



Ashirvad Centre for Social Concern

The Ashirvad Centre for Social Concern has been initiated with the core objectives of reaching out to the most vulnerable and marginalised communities s to offer them a ray of hope in a multi-dimensional way. While spirituality is the thread that runs through all of Ashirvad’s activities, the Centre chooses not to shy away from pressing issues of social concern.

In the current social, political and cultural context of Karnataka, Ashirvad Centre for Social Concern has identified some key areas of action and intervention. 

Accompanying intra-state migrant workers towards social and  Economic  empowerment, with a particular focus on North Karnataka. 

The focus of our work is particularly on intra-state migrant workers who move from districts of North Karnataka to Bangalore. While trying to understand why people migrate, Ashirvad Centre for Social Concern will also look for tangible ways to mitigate some of the distress the workers face . This was particularly evident during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The vulnerability of intra-state migrant workers has to be handled with sensitivity and a broad  understanding of multiple issues.  This
will be one of the areas that Ashirvad Centre for Social Concern will focus on, in a concerted manner.

The term ‘urban poor’ is a loose umbrella that includes many groups and communities – migrant workers, elderly, children, transgender community, homeless etc. Ashirvad Social Concern will engage in consultations and actions with some of these communities to ensure that concerns are converted into tangible actions with at least somewhat measurable impact. Ashirvad Centre for Social Concern envisages itself to be a hub of interactive engagements with dalit groups, daily wage workers, urban poor, minorities etc. so that common goals and actions can be identified


Promoting good governance, transparency and accountability.

Advocacy with the State government is to ensure good governance, equity and accountability. In the quest for a ‘smart city’, a form of urban casteism emerges which wants cheap labour and services while rejecting those who provide these .

Engaging with public policy through research and advocacy.

The Centre also hopes to conduct policy studies and research based on emerging needs and issues. This research will inform to work of the Centre to ensure that interventions come from a position of understanding and empathy rather than presumptions. This research will also be widely available to academicians, civil society, networks and campaigns – groups that we intend to engage with as equal partners in advocacy with the State government.

We work on :

  •  Survey and Research
  •  Seminars and workshops
  • Engaging with issues related to migrant workers.
  • Collabrating with other NGO’s and like-minded individuals.

Social Concern

Accompany the Marginalised towards social equity and dignity


Understanding different religions and fostering fraternity beyond religion

Training and workshops

Program and events on Inter-religious harmony, Counseling, healing, self development skills, empowerment, advocacy etc.