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Ashirvad: St. Marks Road

Established in 1973, Ashirvad belongs to Karnataka Jesuits who are involved in many social activities and up-lifting of the poor. Ashirvad Centre for Social Concern was instituted with the core objectives of reaching out to the most vulnerable and marginalised communities; to offer them a ray of hope in a multi-dimensional way. Our objective is service to Christ and empowering the voiceless through public policy. In addition to social concern, we also build communal relationship with our fellow brothers and sisters of all religions and organise meetings advocating social harmony. We are suitably located in the prime location of Bengaluru; making it a convenient location to host your events | seminars | training's | meetings. We have 7 magnificent halls with all facilities. We can help you concentrate on the 'big-picture' while we take care of your basics to ensure your event is a success.


Service to Christ
Spirituality is the thread that runs through all of Ashirvad’s activities. ‘Whatever you do to the least of these brothers
Inter- Religious Harmony Movement (IRHM)
Founded in 1973; IRHM  was created to foster an understanding of different religions and a sense of brotherhood beyond religious
Voice for the voiceless
Ashirvad aids advocacy with the State government to develop good governance and accountability for the rights and dignity of marginalised

Our Imperial halls and rooms

Events and Meetings

  •  2,500.00 Per Day

    Hall: Britto

    <span style="font-size: 1rem;">This imperial hall is located on the third floor and well lit.  It

  •  800.00 Per Day

    Hall: Hopkins

    It is an open hall on one side and would be ideal for activities.  It

  •  2,500.00 Per Day

    Hall: Thejana

    Our modern hall is outside our main building on the first floor. It could accommodate